Out do yourself, Not the others.



Most of the times as human beings we are terribly greedy. We think we can do everything and beat who ever we want, but we don’t realize that the only competition that really exists is us.
As a manager or a businessman or an entrepreneur or a singer or anything else that you imagine yourself to be, you have to realize that happiness comes from self-improvement and not from your field’s competition. You have to outwork yourself first and then day by day, month by month, year by year you will realize that you will be top at your craft without competing anyone.
  • Managers:
And of course as a manager you have to do the exact same thing everyday:
‘’Wake up every morning and say: How can I make OUR company better today than it was yesterday? What can I do to improve OUR team? How can WE improve our product this month than the product we had the previous month?’’
“Make sure the work you’re producing is better than the work you produced before. You are your competition.
And once you realize that, it’s 100% that you will stay more in the game and find more joy from what you doing. Because joy doesn’t come by comparing your work with someone else’s work. It comes from self-advancement.

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