do smart cutbacks.

When the companies lower their budgets ,then they have to show creativity and inventiveness at the same time in order to use better their available money. Luckily, doing more stuff with less money doesn’t necessarily means that you will have less customers. 


  • Instead of lowering the ratio of a TV commercial you might have invest on, think about moving from TV commercials to the less costly radio commercials without changing the ratio of the message.
  • Create different versions of your commercials which intended for different markets or sectors, instead of having a different commercial for every market.
  • Think about on line commercials, if you didn’t think about them already!For the reason that this mean of technology/communication has instant feedback in relative form with is hot or not right now, maybe now is the best time to experiment with the on line marketing and commercials in the social media,blogs,websites(banners).


  • Strategy first. Cutbacks in everybody without exception usually doesn’t  lead in positive results. You have to choose who’s deserve a cutback or if it is necessary to continue to an overall cutback you have to emphasize that cutback is to reach to a goal in order to accept that business move.
  • Focus on the best customers. As a business,employee or employer you have to know which customers are the best for you. Most of the times in businesses they’re customers that keep the business behind. The business at this point has to ‘”fire”  that kind of customers. Employers must focus on the customers that enjoy the services or the product of the business as it is. As a result the business won’t have to increase the productivity due to non-reason-demanding customers.
  • Keep things simple on your business. Observe the tasks which are useless or to complicated and judge if they worth it. If this is a ”yes” try to make them as simple as possible in order to return to you. Now, if this is a ”no” then abstract them. If you make them simple , it is very possible to save money and also to increase the pleasure both of the customer and also of your employees.

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