Social media: Use them wisely


Nowadays more and more businesses enter the world of social media. Although, this entrance for the most of the businesses is nothing but a waste of time and labor. Those who are responsible for the management of the social media platforms have to take a step back and before they open a Facebook or a Twitter or A LinkedIn account to wonder why they do it and what messages want to make clear to their customers. If the content you give to your customers isn’t useful or interesting it would be like you giving content to your dog! It won’t have no retribution to your business.

So before you upload something it is good to ask yourself some major questions like what value has that message,post,photo to my customer. Which action we hope to aspire? Is it related to our actions? If these questions have no answer then you have to restart your social media strategy and make a new plan.

Here are three tips to start your new strategy:

  • Tell your story. Talk about your upcoming projects. In which stage they are, and what you fight to produce. This action pushes other people that are working with same projects at the same  time, to get in touch with you.
  • Make questions to your audience. Team work is the best work. Through questions not only them but also you, will be able to find solutions and new ideas to find new content.
  • Mention your social activities. If a group of employees of your business represented you in a local seminar relevant with the activities of your business, upload it! Socialization is a very important part of the marketing and these platforms are just what you need to achieve it. Although you can dedicate a separate part of the platform to socialization in order for some to avoid it if they don’t find it necessary.   

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