Social media. which one fits me the most?

As we have mentioned before using social media is very useful for your business or product but  you have to be careful how you’re going to use it’s one.Social media offer to businesses and goods some advantages:

  •  The opportunity to target in their special ”audience”
  • The chance to be advertised with a very low budget.
  • The opportunity to inform the ”audience”. The users feel more comfortable finding the content they want throw social media.
  • The opportunity of making groups with their customers and their future customers.
  • The chance of making NEW customers.
  • The chance to increase their sales.
  • The opportunity to make contact with their customers.

Beside the various advantages a social media can provide you,the luck of strategy mixed up with useless and quick moves won’t lead you anywhere. To shape your strategy:

  • You have to make clear the reason or reasons that necessitate the presence of your organization or your product on the social media. Is the target the promotion of the website or is the increase of the recognition of the brand or the increase of sales? Whichever the reasons are they have to be clear in the mind of the marketer as well as in the marketing plan.
  • To choose the users that your social media pages wants to target as their audience. But before you choose you have to make some crucial questions like

-Are they male or female?

-How old are they?

-Where are they from?

-What’s their occupation?

-What are their interests?

-Which social media they use?

-Do they speak English? If not how can I approach them?

-How do they spend their free time?

All the above are some data that the marketer or the business owner or the man/woman that manage the social media has to know in order to target properly to the business audience.

So, when you find where you want to target you have also to decide what your posts will look like.No matter what you’re social media page look like or has to do with they’re some standards you have to follow:

  • Be positive. Users reject the negative-content posts.
  • Give information. This is why they visit your social media page, that’s why you have to give them information relative with your business or your good.
  • Use videos and photos because they prefer them from the long texts.
  • Add links that lead to your business website in order to get even more information.
  • Use content that is accessible from mobile also. Its is estimated that 70% of the users visit social media from their phone.
  • Help users to react to your posts. Usually you achieve it via questions.
  • Choose hours that users use more often the social media pages. It is easily understandable that Tuesday in 2 a.m is not the appropriate hour to upload your content.
  • Answers and comments. You have always to answer to the comments you get to your social media page. You may one or two or even more times to come across with negative comments;the secret is to always answer them and try to convince them with nice way for the opposite. You should never erase any comment, because it looks like you can’t support your opinion.


Here are some information for the most common social media that have to do directly with the businesses.

  •                 FACEBOOK: 

Facebook is an appropriate mean of promotion for organizations or goods of wide consumption and not for really specialized goods. It can help your business or good to:

  • Increase the recognizability of your brand.
  • Provide information to your audience.
  • Lead users to the original website of your business.
  • Promote an event that is relevant with your brand. 

A Facebook page gives the opportunity to the businesses to ”speak” with their consumers,which want to learn more for a business or a good. Facebook do not charge for making a page or for the posts you make. It charges though when you want to make your page more recognizable with not the usual ratio. If a post on Facebook is not sponsored only 6% of your fans will see it.For instance your page has 1000 fans. If you not sponsor your post only 60 people will see it.

There are 2 ways to increase your engagement on facebook.

  • The first way is that your posts are ”engaging ”. With that way we mean that the users occupy more with your post(likes,shares,comments).With that way the ratio of promotion of your post increases.
  • The second way is to pay for promotion.

  •                 INSTAGRAM:

 Instagram has surpassed 800 million users placing itself in the top of the social media pyramid. Instagram differs from Facebook and the person that manage the page has to be sure that has enough photographic and video content to upload.Users focus mostly on photos and videos while ”hashtags”(#) are also important cause many of the users use them.

Instagram gives the opportunity of processing your content with very useful tools in order to fix your photos or videos as you wish. If your want to advertise your business through Instagram you can do it by ”sponsored” commercials in the front page or on Instagram ”stories”. in contrast with Facebook either that is commercials of personal content everybody will check it out.

  •                 LinkedIn:

LinkedIn can be used either for personal use or for your business. An accountant ,for instance, can make a personal page in order to contact with his clients or he can make a business page.In both cases the profile that will be made has to be exceptional because of the formal style LinkedIn provides you.

Important tips for LinkedIn:

  • The photo the user will add in the profile has to be professional in order to show the formality of his/her status.
  • Add contact details like email or phone number to be easily for the interested to contact with you.
  • Use ”key-words” both on title and bio to increase the chance to find you in searches.
  • Make your profile detailed and organised.

As soon as your profile is ready you can start to make ”connections” approaching possible clients via personal messages. Also you have to create and share content that proves your knowledge on everything you claim. The last tip for this special social media page is that your acquaintances must ”transfer” in the real world and not stay behind a screen

  •                  Twitter:

Twitter we could say is a kind of micro-blog  through which users have the opportunity to express in 140 words in every post their thoughts,feelings or whatever they desire. The restriction of 140 words can be replenished by photos and videos. Although the success of this social media platform may due to the users usually prefer short texts combined with videos or photos and Twitter provide that to you.

On Twitter getting a lot followers is something really imp<ortant that’s why the person that manage this platform has to make sure that with his content people will DESIRE to follow him! Let’s not forget what Bill Gates said back in 1996: CONTENT IS KING!

Like in the other social media platforms and so on Twitter ,you can promote your business or your product via a tweet or from a sponsored advertisement. so Twitter gives you the chance to gain recognizability, likes,followers engagements or visits at your website.

Important tips for the success of your Twitter account:

Follow accounts that are related with:

  • Customers.
  • Co-Workers.
  • Organizations related with yours.
  • Related goods with yours.
  • Important people or businesses that are related with yours.
  • Remember to include all the important and needed information about your brand and links to lead them in your website.
  • Tweet as more as you can. You show them that you love what you do.
  • Use video and photos that create more engagement.

I hope I helped you to get a lot useful information about how you can use social media for your promotion. For further information contact with me!


GamificationmaxresdefaultDriving results is a key factor for a successful business. Gamification helps you to keep your employees engaged and motivated to deliver their best performance. But what gamification really is?
Gamification’s terminology would be described as the use of game design elements in non-game contexts. Gamification ,also, refers to the use of game mechanics and experience design to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.
Everyone can participate in contests, regardless of their role in the company. Participants can win awards, prizes, and bragging rights, which are helpful external motivators to drive their impact on business results. When you make teams, you create healthy competition among colleagues and foster team spirit.
To help create a vibrant and engaging environment for your contest, use up-to-date scores and numbers. Customer Relationship Management System. Interaction and gamifacation
– How Gamification can help to keep your employees engaged?
Gamification engages many different roles
Think about how you measure the performance of your employees and the activities that drive that performance. Do you count the meetings they schedule, the time it took them to resolve a customer issue, how much revenue they generated, or something completely different?
Sure, you can send around weekly email updates or fill scorecards with numbers. But why not make it more fun and exciting by turning some performance metrics into a game?
Traditional game models reward top performers, who are already self-motivated. Gamification motivates everyone to achieve more.
• Create awards that motivate everybody
Gamification lets you set up multiple award categories to recognize achievement and improvement across a variety of KPIs or employee roles. It also offers tiered awards for individuals and teams to enable more players to receive recognition. Creating multiple ways to win keeps more participants engaged and excited throughout the entire contest.gamification_large_688198


  • The customer’s view
    Gamification can not only use for the employees, but also for the customers for encouraging desirable website usage behavior. Additionally, gamification is applicable to increasing engagement on sites built on social network services. For example if a company or a business wants you to do an online survey is better to choose a more entertain way to do it. A study at MIT Sloan found that ideation games helped participants generate more and better ideas, and compared it to gauging the influence of academic papers by the numbers of citations received in subsequent research.